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Value Propositions
Establishing what motivates customers to buy from the Client such that, sales and marketing materials, marketing communications and messaging correctly target the profiled audience.

One of the biggest challenges perhaps facing businesses in the technology sector is getting the prospect to understand what the business benefits are from adopting a product or service. Often our Clients have an amazing product that takes them 8 pages to explain what it does.

Recently we have helped Clients to:
  • Introduce a new range of sub miniature remote thermal devices for the Computer industry,
  • Launch a complete suite of desktop management tools
  • Completely re-brand a suite of wireless security software products adoption and planning cycle
  • Position a budget range of PC connector products alongside the existing high spec ranges and grow both product sales to produce incremental revenues of 3M in one year.
  • Simplified a complex solution proposition of IT system based workforce management and helped to develop strategic sales into the NHS and Fire service.
  • Positioned the sales arguments and business benefits for a range of design driven, custom heat sink products, launching them alongside existing core services based on thermal design solutions securing 1.6M of incremental sales in 18 months
  • We have helped launch a range of retail PC desktop security products into the consumer retail markets across Europe.
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