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PreCognition was set up as a result of the demand for time served Business, Marketing and Consulting Services: In Complex Product and Services, where there is a lack of specialist resources, where there are time / resource constraints and where there are project-based peaks in demand


What technologies do we understand? Next to your markets, there’s nothing worse than your consultant not understanding the business you are in.

Our technology experience, on which we focus our consulting engagements, centres around years of building businesses, marketing and selling: shrink-wrapped desktop software, network deployed and Professional Services solution based Software. We understand the challenges in hosted and web integrated software deployment; EDI and XML based SAP integrations and Client desktop agent based deployments across WANs LANs and bridges.
We have been on the engineering teams designing in Thermal Management solutions used in military, telecom, computer and industrial applications and developed custom products in precision pneumatics, hydraulics, electromechanical switching, custom and JEDEC interconnection standards and robotics.

Domain Experience

What markets do we understand? Next to your technology, there’s nothing worse than your consultant not understanding the markets you’re in

We do not profess to be all things to all people; our main domain expertise lies in the Computer market, covering desktops, LANs and ASP models using web interaction. Telecom, from the main switch, through equipment practice and to the GSM level. Logistics, including the main European carriers and warehouse operators, Retail specific logistics including stores and distribution centres, Industrial including technology manufacturing, Automotive, 1st and 2nd tier supply chains in the electronic and electrical assembly zones; and Financial across corporate finance, private equity and venture capital funds.

Our services are based on our own practical experience of building and running successful start-ups, not just from the books.
Focus on Success

Planning + Inspiration = Greater Sales

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