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Sales Management
Identifying opportunities and assisting in restarting stalled deals and the closure of business.

One of the biggest challenges in start-ups is making those early deals that can be used as references to the next clutch of business in that exciting growth phase of the business.
We have years of experience in a diverse range of companies to draw on in building the all-important pipeline.

Critically we have also managed sales teams forecasts and understand only too well the potential for leakage, stalling and delay in closure.

We have been instrumental in closing big-ticket desktop management software sales into the manufacturing, banking and retail industries totalling over 10M in revenues, managed profitable group revenues of 100M, growing new channel business sales in the Telecom sector from 8M to 30M.

We assisted in gaining traction in the retail and logistics sectors, generating a pipeline of 10M of new software business during the engagement, closing sales in professional services and software licenses with a value of 7M.

We have grown tax grant pipeline revenues by 300% across the technology sectors in 6 months to 1M during an engagement and closed sales on thermal management projects in the computer, aerospace, locomotion and medical sectors to a value of 1.5M during an engagement.

For more details on how we can provide interim Business Development to position value propositions or fill a resource gap contact us.
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