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Event Management

Events are key lead generators, yet they can present organizational challenges that often stretch resources to breaking point.

The result? Many companies fail to maximise the opportunity potential of the event.

Events need to managed, not from an administration aspect, but from a business development perspective.

  • Will the sales staff manage the stand/breakfast table/venue?
  • Will they have the right marketing tools to do the company justice?
  • Is the value proposition on the new product consistent across the team?
  • How will your key prospects be invited to the event?
  • How will the leads be followed up the day after the show, not the month after?
  • Can the leads be screened and classified before the sales professional calls?
  • Will the background research be done before the call?

Events require careful planning and follow up, yet the task of organizing them is often left to staff engaged in other pressing activities or inexperienced in sales.

PreCognition can help you to gain maximum return on investment by organising and managing:

  • Event Design
  • Venue Booking
  • Logistics
  • Pre & Post Event Administration
  • Marketing Materials
  • Lead Management
  • Staff Briefing
  • Event Messaging
  • Customer Invites

If you would like to learn more about how PreCognition can manage your event then please contact us.

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